Spireboard B650

This is one of the latest developments in back-up materials and provides a combination of quality, low cost, and thickness, making it special in the PCB Industry. Spireboard B650 has a uniform composition of virgin wood fibers with low abrasion characteristic. It has two smooth surfaces so that it can be used on both sides with lower drill bit wear, reduced heat, and higher productivity.

Spireboard B650 is used with two-sided PCB’s as well as multilayers by itself, or as primary backup in the “sandwich technique”, always with quality results.

Custom sheet sizes available upon request.

Technical Data
THICKNESS 0.097” +/- .01”    2.5 +/- 0.25mm
WEIGHT 0.48 LBS./SQ.FT.”    2.36 kg/m2
STANDARD SHEETS 36”x 48”    915 x 122 cm

The data on Spireboard B65 0 is provided only for general information. The user shall determine the suitability of this product in his process and assume any liabilities thereof.