Innboard D .024”, .040”

This is a phenolic kraft paper laminated and totally thermocured under high heat and higher pressure to produce a hard, glossy finish. The surface hardness and exceptional flatness makes it suitable to be used as an entry material in the drilling of printed circuit boards.

Generally speaking, Innboard D in thinner gauges is used as entry material, and in thicker gauges as a back-up material and single-sided routing.

The percentage of phenolic resin in the paper is determined by weighting the paper before and after it has been impregnated and dried. The resin percentage that is used in the Innboard D is about 45%. The kraft paper used is a natural one which means it has color changes. The resin itself has color changes from batch to batch, therefore the final laminate has color differences from batch to batch.

Technical Data
THICKNESS 0.024”, .040”
COMPOSITION Thermoset Phenolic, Cellulose Composite
STANDARD SHEETS Manufactured and supplied in sheets
or cut panels to specific customer requirements.

All of our products are FSC and CARB PII air emissions compliant for socially and environmentally responsible forestry products.